Co-convened by Tyee Solutions Society, the Canadian Housing Renewal Association, Carleton University’s School of Public Policy, Carleton Centre for Urban Research and Education (CURE), Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa, and Broadening the Base, some 60 voices from social and market housing provider and tenant groups, financial institutions and green building experts, as well as unions, criminal justice reformers, aboriginal interests, philanthropic foundations and those serving the most vulnerable, honed their arguments that money spent on shelter issues would also go a long way to meeting other priorities identified in the new government’s ministerial mandates, from establishing a new ‘‘nation-to-nation’’ relationship with indigenous people, to meeting our climate targets.

Our reporters’ take-aways:

Event discussion document: Seven Policy Areas. One Unifying Leverage Point. (surveys housing relevance to delivering on ministerial mandates in seven areas.)

Outcome summary report: