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West Hastings 'Tent City' Could Be Around For years

Meanwhile in Victoria, residents are packing up 'Super InTent City' after nine months to move into social housing.
By Stefania Seccia

You Wanted Foreign Ownership Data? Here You Go

Housing agency report doesn't answer everyone's questions, but is 'meaningful first step.'
By David P. Ball

Posted under: Cities Government

A Small Town with Big Ideas for Housing Single Parent Families

Dryden, Ontario sees safe shelter as the first step to improving family futures. Last of two.
By Katie Hyslop

Vancouver Wants Victoria to Lay Foundation for Affordable Homeownership

Long-awaited pathway for first-time buyers needs provincial green light.
By David P. Ball

Supportive Housing's Catch-22 for Single Parents on Welfare

Losing your kids once can lead to losing your shelter -- which makes it harder to get back your kids. First of two.
By Katie Hyslop

Posted under: Justice Government

Is One of These the Answer to Vancouver's Affordable Housing Woes?

City staff give The Tyee an exclusive look at models they're examining.
By David P. Ball

Posted under: Ideas Finance

Budget the 'Re-engagement We've Been Calling For': Housing Advocates

$2.3 billion for rental, non-profit homes and co-ops revives hope in long-sidelined sector.
By David P. Ball

Posted under: Finance Government

Vancouver Shadow Flipping Shows 'Naked Greed,' Premier Says

Christy Clark vows to close loophole that's driving up housing prices.
By David P. Ball

Posted under: Government Justice

Vancouver Shines Light on Empty Condos

City study measures vacancy problem, but authors say more data needed.
By Katie Hyslop

Posted under: Cities Ideas